Chamomile + Lavender

Chamomile + Lavender


Matricaria chamomilla

Originating from the Greek word χαμαίμηλον meaning "earth apple," noteworthy medicinal plant from the Asteraceae family, often referred to as the “star among medicinal species,” this sweet varietal German chamomile soothes and relaxes from the first appley whiff.

Origin: Europe and western Asia

Season: Spring harvest

Benefits: Relaxation

Lavendula angustifolia

One of the most ancient aromatic herbs, e.g. Cleopatra's secret weapon of love. Meticulously, organically farmed in our Napa Valley tea garden, its gentle swaying in the Coombsville breeze is merely the first way it catches your eye.

Origin: Coastal hills of the Meditteranean

Season: Spring harvest

Benefits: Sleep-inducing, Antiseptic, Insect Repellant, Anti-Plague

One of our only blends. Bright purple fields yield the perfect aromatic accent to the chamomile's sweetness. 

40 g (8-10 pots, each pot can be brewed 3-5 times)

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